Eleven Weeks And Growing…

sitting up (2)

My darling little man is just growing and learning.  He will be three months old on the 15th!  It’s hard to believe.  Last night, he spent his first entire night in his baby bed in his room.  He did great – better than Mama, in fact.  😉  The past couple of days, he has been trying to sit up in the swing, the car seat, even while he’s lying on the floor.  He discovered his fists a couple of weeks ago and has been regularly soaking them in slobber from sucking on them.  He holds his head up really well and wants desperately to be able to move about the house on his own.  Since he can’t crawl or walk yet, he simply demands that we walk him around, facing out, if possible.

I just love this little guy to pieces, as does Nicholas.  We are so blessed to have this precious boy as our son!  Everyday is something new to him, and watching and helping him grow is the best job I’ve ever had.

Praise the Lord for all of his precious blessings!


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