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The Mop

Where do you see God most often?  In a baby’s smile?  In a sunrise after a stormy night?  In the wild fury of the storm?  In the first kiss between a newly married husband and wife?  At your favorite fishing hole?  Or simply sitting in the pew on Sunday morning?  Where do you see Him?

I see God in the big things, like most people.  I see Him in the vastness of the universe, in the intricate complexity of our bodies and our natural world.  I see Him at church.  I see Him in our checkbook.  But most poignantly, I see God in the small, tiny, seemingly insignificant moments of life.  And today, was one of those days.

You see, we have been moving.  (Yes, God blessed us with a home of our own and plenty of time to move.)  It has also, finally, turned into an Arkansas summer – hot and humid.  Not to mention, Connor isn’t too fond of our new home just yet, which means he is extra fussy and clingy when we take a load of stuff down there.  All of that is a good combination for a frazzled, hot, tired mama who isn’t able to get much done, at least in her point of view.

Today, Connor and I made another trip to our new home, to take a load of belongings, do a little cleaning, and unpack a few things.  Of course, it did not go as I had hoped, so after unloading the car and unpacking a few boxes, I packed up Connor’s stuff and headed back home, hot, tired, and frustrated.  As I drove, I decided to stop by Kroger and pick up baby formula and ice cream before getting some gas.  Instead of going to the store I normally go to, I went to one that was a few exits before mine.  I never go to this Kroger, and normally forget it’s even there, even if I need to go and am in the area.  Thinking of it, however, we went on inside in search of our ice cream and formula.  In the formula aisle, there was a full buggy that I went around a couple of times searching for Connor’s formula, and it wasn’t until I about to leave the aisle, that I wondered what was in the buggy.  Lo and behold, it was full of Swiffer sweepers, on final mark-down.  Just about a week before, I had been in Wal-Mart searching for something along those lines to clean the hardwood floors at our new home and had not been able to find what I was looking for in the unorganized collection of mops, brooms, Swiffers, and off-brand Swiffers.  Yet, here in a random aisle in a Kroger I do not frequent, was a buggy full of exactly what I had been searching for a week earlier.  I wound up buying a Bona Hardwood Floor Mop at half-price.  It’s exactly the type of mop I had wanted to buy to clean our beautiful floors.

As I stood in that baby aisle of Kroger, I was struck by the goodness and love of the God to whom I have dedicated my life.  He is the God of the entire universe.  He is in charge of keeping the planets and galaxies from colliding with one another on a daily basis.  He is in charge of creating life and determining how long that life will remain on this planet.  He is the general leading His army against the army of Satan.  This same God took a moment to walk into the baby aisle of Kroger and hand me a mop.  Me, a stay-at-home-mom of an eighth month old, who spends her days wiping a baby’s bottom, cooking a few meals, washing clothes, and scrubbing toilets.  Me, a woman known to very few, never the brightest bulb on the chandelier, and often selfish, sinful, impatient, ungrateful, and even unkind.

Our God is so big, and so often, we think of Him in those terms and rightfully so.  However, He is more than a big God in the sky.  He is our Father, and He loves us dearly.  And when we’re having a tough day, even if it’s just tough in the sense that our baby is fussy and we don’t accomplish all we had in mind to accomplish, our God wants us to know that He remembers us.  He remembers when we were searching for a mop a week before and unable to find what we were looking for.  He remembers that we are here, on this earth, muddling our way through our mundane day-to-day life.  And sometimes, if we forget that He remembers us in our daily frustrations, He shows up in the grocery store aisle, and personally hands us something simple, something small, something like a mop that we need, just to show us how much He cares for us and loves us.

I see God in the small things because it’s in the small things that God reminds me just how much He cares.  He reminds me that He is never too big for anything important in my life, no matter how small and insignificant it is.  A mop will never go down in history for anything.  No one will care even a week from now that I bought a mop today.  But, to me, it’s not about the mop; it’s about the God who directed me to wait to buy gas until I came from my new home, who reminded me of the Kroger that was on the way home, who had one of the store employees leave that buggy in the baby aisle, who convinced me to buy another tub of formula, and who made me wonder what was in the buggy.  It’s about that God, the God of my heart and my life.

Thank You, Lord, for your patience, provision, goodness, grace, and love.  And thank You for the mop.  You truly made my day.


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