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Stories from our trip to Biloxi in May 2012.

Biloxi Vacation (Pt. 2)

I bet you can’t guess what we did on the Tuesday (the second day) during our vacation! ¬†ūüėČ

We went to the beach!  I took this shot while standing in the edge of the water, looking East.  You can see a hotel/casino there in the background.  And yes, that is My Honey there in the ocean.

We woke fairly early in the morning.¬† (It always is hard to sleep in¬†a bed that’s not your own.)¬† We got ourselves dressed, and headed to the breakfast room of the hotel to partake in the¬†continental breakfast.¬† Why eat cold pop tarts when you can have a fresh Belgian waffle and cold milk, especially when it’s no extra charge?

After breakfast, we went back to the room for a bit, gathered the¬†picnic things, Nic got some ice from the machine for our cooler, and we headed for the water!¬† We got there before 9 o’clock in the morning, which is apparently quite early.¬† The beach is free and always open, but we did end up near one of those beach chair rental shacks.¬† Apart from the three guys “setting up shop,” we were the only ones there.¬† I found that a little nerve-racking, but only because I felt so conspicuous to Shack guys.¬† I know they weren’t paying us any mind, but I am what I am….

I digress.¬† Well, we set up our camp, so to speak.¬† We had an old blanket we laid out, set down our ice chest and picnic bag, I put some sunscreen on Nic, and we commenced to building a sand “castle.”¬† We spent the next two or three hours going out into the water, building more onto our sand village, and taking pictures.¬† I say “we” went into the water, but really it was just Nic who went into the water.¬† I walked out into it a bit, but I only ever got wet from the knees down.¬† I actually got a little scared when faced with water as far out as I could see.¬† (And I was still feeling quite self-conscious.)¬† I’m not the greatest swimmer, and this was only the second time I remember having gone to the beach in my life.¬† And though I’ve seen bigger waves at lakes than there were at Biloxi that day, my imagination could not let go of the thought of getting swept out to sea forever.¬† Without buoy lines marking off the swimming area, I knew there was still the faintest possibility of it happening…granted, not that day in that weather, but still.

About halfway through our visit at the beach, a funny-ish thing happened.¬† I was standing in the edge of the water, trying to stay away from the minnow-like fish that kept trying to eat my legs and feet.¬† (It didn’t hurt, but I was finding it annoying.)¬† As I stood there looking out over the water, watching My Honey dip into the water, I felt something hit my face.¬† I thought it was bug, so I swatted at it.¬† Something fell into the water.¬† When I looked back up, everything was half-blurry.¬† One of the lenses in my glasses had fallen into the water!¬† Though the waves could never wash me out to see, for real, they could sure take a lens for cruise.¬† By that point, my husband was back at the shore with me, and thankfully, he was able to catch it from the water before it was lost to Davy Jones Locker forever.¬† Sadly, however, I was not able to fix the glasses, so I went the next 3 1/2 days with blurry vision.¬† Don’t worry, though, I am now wearing my back up glasses until we can get them fixed.

We had a good time, though, even me with all my imaginations.  After spending the morning in the water (or near it, in my case), we ate our picnic lunch, then packed up our things and headed back to the hotel.  We rested for a bit in the room, watching TV, uploading pictures to the computer, playing video games, and then we decided we wanted to go to the pool.  We grabbed our towels and headed out.

This time I did get in the water.¬† We splashed around, playing some kind of water tag, and just having a good time.¬† I’m not sure how long we were out there, but it was a good while.¬† Then we went back to our room, took showers, and got ready for supper.

We headed East in search of food.¬† Our drive took us over the Biloxi Bay¬†Bridge, out of Biloxi and into another small town on the bayou.¬† We wandered around, tried and failed to find a parking space at a chicken buffet, and ended up at a resteraunt called McElroy’s.¬† The dining room was lovely.¬† It had two walls of windows, looking out over the bayou.¬† It was evening, and the lighting outside made everything look peaceful and calm.¬† It wasn’t sunset yet, but the sun was behind us in the West, so everything was starting to have a little bit of golden hue.¬† The food was good, the service was good, and we thoroughly enjoyed our supper there.¬† Afterwards, we drove back to the hotel, with me snapping pictures from the car along the way.¬† We spent the rest of our evening in the room, just lounging around before heading to bed.

The sunset from the Biloxi Bay Bridge on the way back to the hotel room.


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Biloxi, Mississippi

My husband and I took our first big vacation since our honeymoon in 2009.¬† (And to be honest, even our honeymoon was still in AR.)¬† Anyhow, we took off to Biloxi, Mississippi.¬† We had a very good time while we were there.¬† We went to the beach, toured the Jefferson Davis house and the Biloxi Visitor’s Center and museum, took pictures beside the Biloxi Lighthouse, shopped, and just looked at the city.¬† The picture above is one that I took while we were on the beach on Tueday morning.¬† It is one of my favorites because of the colors, and as you can see the weather was good, not a cloud in the sky.

Our trip took us about 8 hours to drive.¬† (Yes, we went a little slow, but that does include stops for lunch and bathroom breaks.)¬† We drove from the Little Rock area all the way to Biloxi on nearly all highways.¬† We did have a stint on I-530 and I-20, but the majority of the trip was off freeways.¬† On the trip down there, we stopped at a little rest stop in Southern AR¬†for lunch.¬† It was a beautiful day, and the rest stop was clean and well-cared for, quiet, and just a nice stopping place for a picnic lunch.¬† Then we continued our trip into the extreme NE corner of Louisiana where we hopped onto I-20, crossed the river into Mississippi.¬† We drove all the way to Jackson before getting onto yet another highway and heading south to Biloxi.¬† A good ways down that highway, we stopped at a Wal-Mart for an atlas (up until that point, we had only been using directions from Google Maps) and a chance to stretch our legs and use the restroom.¬† We finished up our trip and reached Biloxi by 6 o’clock that evening.¬† (We had left our home around 9 o’clock that morning, but had to run a couple of errands on our way out of town, which took about 30-40 minutes.)¬† After an all-day drive, we were rather tired, so we just ordered pizza and had it delivered to our room while we got settled in our¬†“home” for the next four nights.

I will continue with what is hopefully something a bit more exciting from our trip on later post.¬† Sorry for having been away so long, but it has been busy preparing for our trip, having a yard sale, taking the actual trip, and getting back home.¬† Hopefully I will be back on here more often than I have been.¬† ūüėÄ

The rest stop we at lunch at on the way to Biloxi. It is just outside of McGehee, AR on Hwy. 65S.

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