I am Crystal L. Poe.  I currently stay home and take care of my husband Nicholas, our son Connor, and our home.

We live in central Arkansas.  I love Arkansas because of all it’s natural (and sometimes wild) beauty.  We do a little hiking every now and then, and I often try my hand at gardening.  (Mosty I’ve failed at that, but there is coming a day when I will succeed!)  If nothing else, I enjoy going out for a walk and opening my doors and windows to let the light and the air in.  Well, if it’s super-hot, then I’d rather everything be cooped up.

We also enjoy attending our church, learning about God and His word and getting to know everyone a little better.  We try to live good, Christian lives, which isn’t always easy or popular, but we love God and want to do His will in our lives, which is on really good reason why I’m starting this blog.  I believe God gives everyone talents and gifts that we are to use for His glory, so I’ve decided that cooking and writing are the biggest talents He has given me.  Therefore, I have decided to get it out there and use it.  I hope it helps you out in some way.


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