Lego Birthday Party

Today, we celebrated Connor-man’s first birthday.  We had a houseful of people, food, presents, and, of course, cake!  It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun.  We did a Lego theme, and with the help of Pinterest and other more experienced moms, we had a rather nice little set-up.  Really, I was able to make pretty much everything with a few basic supplies and some borrowed Legos.  A little time and ingenuity, and it all came together quite nicely.


This was done with streamers, tape, balloons, and push pins.  Tape the top of the streamer, roll it down to the bottom, cut, twist, and tape to secure.  Blow up balloons and pin them to the wall.  You can tape them, if you don’t want pin holes in your wall, but we have curtains that go back up after the decorations come down.  The holes won’t show.


Some snacks and drinks.  I used primary colors to match the Legos.


More primary colors.  I kept it as basic as I could.


I made plain cupcakes from a cake recipe I have.  Since my icing-making skills are rather dismal, I bought cream cheese flavor and used food coloring to get the colors, which explains why they are quite pastel and even pink.  However, I then topped each cupcake with a Lego.  Just be sure to wash those little toys first!


I made this cake with the leftover cake batter.  I cooked it in a square cake pan.  For the pegs on top, I cut off the tops of four cupcakes, and “glued” them onto the cake with icing.  And there you have it, one giant Lego smash cake for the guest of honor.


As amazing as it sounds, I actually did have trouble with this banner, but that’s just because it was me making it.  Seriously, it’s just construction paper and a Sharpie.  The little “1” on the bottom was made from a Lego “ground” piece and some tiny Legos.  I just taped it to the wall with masking tape.


More construction from tiny Legos.  Also, with the extra Legos that I had, I just put them in various vases and jars and used them as centerpieces on the table and snack buffet.

And that’s that.  A simple, cheap Lego birthday party.  🙂

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