Simple Kitchen Cleaner

Before Pictures

burner pans before stovetop before stovetop tray before

My husband and I recently began the process of buying a house.  It’ll be our first time buying one, and we are quite excited.  However, that means that we have a move in the near future, so we have to get the house we’re renting as clean as we can to get our deposit back.  I decided to start with the stove-top.  It was needing it, anyway, and I figured it was a good place to start.  As you can see from the above pictures, it was well past due time for a good cleaning.

Now, I know you know that I’m a bit of a fan of pinterest.  As you can imagine, there are boo-koos of cleaning tips on there, so I decided to give one a shot.  It requires two ingredients that I can almost guarantee you have in your house:  baking soda and peroxide.  Now pay attention because this is the tough part:  make a paste with the soda and peroxide, smear it on whatever you’re cleaning, let it set if it’s a tough stain, and scrub/wipe off, depending on how tough your stain is.  I know; it’s difficult to figure out.  😉

Now, on the tray under the stove-top, there was a lot of soot.  I got that out first using paper towels.  If you have a little hand-held broom and dustpan, just sweep it up.  Under the large burner, everything was extra-stuck, so I let the paste sit on there longer.  I also scrubbed it with a cleaning rag before wiping up the paste.  I also had to let the paste sit for awhile on some of the burner pans, especially the big one to get all the grime off, and I did cheat a little on those and use a Brillo pad to scrub them before wiping everything off.  I also just used a Brillo pad to clean the enameled stove-top; it was getting late, and the stove-top itself wasn’t nearly as bad as the burner pans and tray under the top.

This was a time-consuming project, but it would have been no matter how I cleaned it because it was so bad.  However, in the end, the stove-top came clean.  Basically, I would definitely recommend this paste to someone looking to clean hard-to-clean stuff.  You can even use this to clean stained cookie sheets and other tin-ware.

P.S.  I don’t know if I needed to or not, but I wore a pair of those yellow plastic gloves when I did this.  If nothing else, it kept my fingernails and fingertips from getting worn off.

After Pictures

burner pans after stovetop after stovetop tray after



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2 responses to “Simple Kitchen Cleaner

  1. Linda

    What a little Suzy Homemaker you are. This is a wonderful tip.

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