Baby Bed Fun Part 2

Several weeks ago, I posted about the start of “The Great Baby Bed Project.”  (See the first post here:  I had just taken the bed apart, removed the hardware, and begun to sand off the varnish.  At the time, we had planned on staining and varnishing the bed once the sanding got finished.  However, by the time I finished sanding the bed, I didn’t feel having to sand it again between each coat of varnish.  Once was enough.  This led us to the decision to prime and paint instead.

All four bed pieces after being completely sanded.

We decided about half-way through the sanding portion of the project to paint instead of varnish, so I quit sanding as hard because the stain didn’t have to be removed.  That is why the ends of the bed are darker than the front and back.  There were also some old stickers on the inside ends of the bed that had to be removed (in this case by sanding), and as you can see, I didn’t quite get all of one of the stickers off.  It didn’t make much difference in the end, however.

After sanding, the next step was to get some paint and primer.  I had no idea what kind of paint was needed, so my mother-in-law suggested just going to the paint store (Sherwin-Williams, in this case) and just talking to them about what I was doing and get their advice, which is exactly what I did.  They were very helpful, and all I had to do was pick a color and buy the paint.  They suggested priming the bed, then painting it.

Priming the bed

I chose to prime the bed outside since the weather had (FINALLY) gotten cooler.  I put out a drop cloth and got to priming.  I’m not sure how many coats of primer are normally suggested, but I only did one.  (I think the bed looks fine finished.)  Anyhow, I did one side of each piece, and the next day I did the flip side of two pieces since the drop cloth was giving me fits the second time around.  On a third day, I did the flip side of the final two pieces.  Doing the priming outside allowed the pieces to dry faster and kept me from breathing in all the lovely smells that make up primer.  However, I did the painting inside thanks to the weather getting wetter and Nic mowing the yard the day I started.  The smells weren’t that bad.

Painting the bed.

When I prepped the room for painting the bed pieces, I did open both windows, turned on the ceiling fan, and set up a stand fan to blow air into the room.  I pinned up the drop cloth to the wall with push pins, and set to work.  The pieces did need two coats of paint.  I was only able to do two pieces at a time, and, of course, only one side of the pieces at a time.  It was several days painting to finish the project, but I did get it done.

Once all the pieces were painted and dried, I had to replace all the hardware.  In order to know what went where, before I removed it, I took a lot of pictures of all the parts, so when I put it back on, I pulled up the pictures on my computer and set to work.  I did have to replace a couple of screws and buy a couple of bolts to attach the bottom back to the sides, but I was able to do it with measuring and taking the old screws to the hardware store and finding matching replacements.  I probably spent about $1 on replacement hardware.  Seriously.

After getting the hardware back on, I had to put the pieces together.  Trust me when I say that that is a job better fit for two people, but one stubborn, determined person can do it, too.  😉  Then, put the whole thing in the right spot in the room, and voila!  You have a baby bed!

Sanded, primed, painted, put together, and put in place!

Today, my step-mom and I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some fabric to make curtains for the windows, a bed skirt, and a bumper pad.  She will be taking care of the curtains and bumper pad, and I will do the bed skirt.  I will be using old sheets to make the skirt, so I will be able to make it without sewing, just using some iron-on seam binding.  I’m looking forward to it.

  • Replacement hardware:  $1
  • Paint and primer:  $35
  • Brushes, drop cloth, and sand paper:  $15
  • Fabric for bed skirt and bumper pad:  $12
  • Approximate total cost of baby bed (out of our pocket):  $63

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