And His Name Is…

Connor Earl

My Honey and I had a more difficult time coming up with a boy name than we did with a girl name, but a few weeks ago, we finally came up with the perfect name.  However, we thought that for the fun of things and just to savor it for ourselves for a while, we would keep it a secret for a bit.  It has driven our friends and family a bit nuts, but we have finally decided to tell everyone.  For the past several days I’ve been teasing people on Facebook with little hints.  We’ve had guessing games and a lot of fun, but today is the day of the big Baby Name Reveal on Facebook.  Since Facebook knows, I thought all of ya’ll should know, too.

Here are the hints I gave out:

  1. Starts with “C.”
  2. Origin:  Irish
  3. The sum of the alphabetical order of the letters in the name is 79.
  4.  This name doesn’t really have any nicknames, like Nic for Nicholas.

A fun fact:  Although I’m sure we read over the name Connor many times in our search for the name of our little boy, we never went with it.  It just didn’t stand out, I guess.  One day, I was sitting at the table, and the TV was on.  Hogan’s Heros had just gone off, and another show called The Rifleman started to come on.  Nic and I always switch the channel to the news when this show comes on, but we’ve seen the intro for it many, many times.  As it comes on, I look at the screen, and the opening credits are just starting.  The star of the show is named Chuck Connors, and it was then that the name Connor just stood out like a sore thumb.  That was the name for our baby boy!  And the rest, as they say, is history.

This is me today at 24 weeks pregnant.

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One response to “And His Name Is…

  1. Deanie

    The Rifleman was the first thing that came to my mind when you said your were going to name him Connor. Good show and good name. You’re looking good.

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