Three Years Today

Today in 2009 this is what I was doing:  Marrying the love of my life, Nicholas!  It was a fairly simple, relatively small wedding and reception, but it’s not the wedding that matters really.  As my daddy has said, “You’re just as married with a big wedding or an elopement.”  And that’s what matters:  the marriage.  Day 1 only lasts that one day, but the marriage will be there “till death do you part.”  I’m so grateful to be spending my life with my wonderful, loving husband.  He makes me laugh, he loves me dearly, even when I’m unloveable, and he is just perfect for me because God brought us together.  We get aggravated at each other from time to time, have our difficult days, but we still love one another and have publically vowed to never stop.  And to make things even better:  We will be welcoming our son into the world in just a few months!  God is so good!

Today, “my dear and loving husband” took off of work just to spend it with me.  We went to lunch at our favorite local Mexican restaraunt, then to the game store, where my husband got to pick out any game of his choice for his gift from me, and then to Wal-Mart, mostly to walk off some of that lunch.  But I did end up getting one of those arm-chair pillows that I hope will help me sleep more comfortably.  (As excited as I am about our little boy, he does make sleeping tough for me between bathroom runs, hunger, and just discomfort.  😉 )  After our Wal-Mart trip, we went by the post office (errands must be run) and to Sonic for slushies!  Mmmm!  Such a nice afternoon treat for such a HOT day!  (It was 102-degrees here today, real temperature!)  And then it was home for some hanging out, trying out our new gifts, taking pictures, and watching some of our favorite shows.  Nothing big, but just a nice, pleasant anniversary!

I love you, Nicholas Poe!  And I always will!

This is the one picture where Nic had his eyes open and was smiling, though both are questionable, but at least it was accomplished.  I told him he looks like Adam Sandler in this picture.  LOL!


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3 responses to “Three Years Today

  1. Happy Anniversary, and for many more happy years together. The best is yet to come.

  2. Dawn English

    Aww. Happy anniversary guys. Im actually 54 minutes late on tell you that on your special day, but I hope it was a great one. Love yall, congrats on 3 years and many more to come!

  3. I hope you have many many more.

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