And We’re Expecting…

A baby boy!  My husband and I went to our mid-term ultrasound on Friday, and we found out that our little bundle will be decked out in blue.  We both really thought we were going to have a girl, so it came as a quite a surprise.  But once the shock wore off, we got excited about our little feller.  They did all the measurements, checked out the fluid and placenta, and all looks good.  He was moving around and didn’t want to give up his secret without a fight.  I wasn’t real sure if we were going to find out, but towards the end of the ultrasound, the tech was able to get a good view to tell us that he is a he.

We don’t have a name yet, nor do we have any grand plans for the nursery.  My darling husband doesn’t have much of an opinion on the matter, so I’m thinking of doing the colors in light green and dark brown with a few teddy bears thrown in for good measure.  We just want something that can be used again for a boy or a girl and that is simple.  Personally, I’m not that good at coming up with themes and going with them.

Mid-November, watch out world because we will be adding another bouncing baby boy to the ranks!

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