Soda “Cake”

Although our baby isn’t born yet, I decided that my husband needed a Father’s Day gift.  I recently told him he is at once the easiest and the hardest person to buy for because his one hobby is games.  He also really likes candy.  I can get him clothes, but he would not be impressed with the gift, grateful but not impressed.  He really likes video games, and I know nothing of them.  I’m not a big board/card game player, so it’s almost pointless to buy him one of those.  That basically leaves snacks and candy, and I can’t do that for every gift!  However, for this Father’s Day, I decided that our funds declared that snacks were way to go.  (Not to mention, our baby is still “cooking,” so I figured it should just be something fun.)

I found this idea on Pinterest a couple of days before Father’s Day and thought it was really cute.  Now, I’m no great shakes with numbers, so I did ask My Honey how many cans he thought were used.  He guessed 24, and I went with that.  This is a really simple gift to make, is relatively inexpensive, and looks rather impressive.  It would make a fun “secret pal” gift, too.



  • 24 canned drinks
  • Ribbon
  • Cardboard circles
  • Big gift bow (unless you know how to make one with the ribbon, which looks nicer)
  • Sturdy tray to build “cake” on (I used a solid pizza pan.)


  1. On the tray, arrange 12 canned drinks in a circle for the bottom “tier.”  Set three more drinks inside the circle.  The bottom “tier” has 15 drinks total.
  2. Cut a circle out of cardboard, about 11 inches in diameter.  Place circle on top of the “tier” of drinks.
  3. Arrange 6 drinks in a circle in the center of the cardboard.
  4. Cut a second circle out of cardboard, about 4 1/2 inches in diameter.  Place circle on top of second “tier” of drinks.
  5. Arrange final 3 drinks in a circle on top of cardboard for the final “tier.”
  6. Tie ribbon around each ring of drinks.  Place the bow on top of the “cake.”

*I also placed a box of M&M’s and a package of Hostess cupcakes along side the second ring to hide the extra cardboard.  You can also paint or glue scrapbook paper to the cardboard if you want it to look nicer, or you can buy the cardboard circles that are used in cake decoration.  Just dress it up however you wish!


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