Biloxi, Mississippi

My husband and I took our first big vacation since our honeymoon in 2009.  (And to be honest, even our honeymoon was still in AR.)  Anyhow, we took off to Biloxi, Mississippi.  We had a very good time while we were there.  We went to the beach, toured the Jefferson Davis house and the Biloxi Visitor’s Center and museum, took pictures beside the Biloxi Lighthouse, shopped, and just looked at the city.  The picture above is one that I took while we were on the beach on Tueday morning.  It is one of my favorites because of the colors, and as you can see the weather was good, not a cloud in the sky.

Our trip took us about 8 hours to drive.  (Yes, we went a little slow, but that does include stops for lunch and bathroom breaks.)  We drove from the Little Rock area all the way to Biloxi on nearly all highways.  We did have a stint on I-530 and I-20, but the majority of the trip was off freeways.  On the trip down there, we stopped at a little rest stop in Southern AR for lunch.  It was a beautiful day, and the rest stop was clean and well-cared for, quiet, and just a nice stopping place for a picnic lunch.  Then we continued our trip into the extreme NE corner of Louisiana where we hopped onto I-20, crossed the river into Mississippi.  We drove all the way to Jackson before getting onto yet another highway and heading south to Biloxi.  A good ways down that highway, we stopped at a Wal-Mart for an atlas (up until that point, we had only been using directions from Google Maps) and a chance to stretch our legs and use the restroom.  We finished up our trip and reached Biloxi by 6 o’clock that evening.  (We had left our home around 9 o’clock that morning, but had to run a couple of errands on our way out of town, which took about 30-40 minutes.)  After an all-day drive, we were rather tired, so we just ordered pizza and had it delivered to our room while we got settled in our “home” for the next four nights.

I will continue with what is hopefully something a bit more exciting from our trip on later post.  Sorry for having been away so long, but it has been busy preparing for our trip, having a yard sale, taking the actual trip, and getting back home.  Hopefully I will be back on here more often than I have been.  😀

The rest stop we at lunch at on the way to Biloxi. It is just outside of McGehee, AR on Hwy. 65S.

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  1. linfs

    Glad you enjoyed your vacation. It’s always good to get away from the rat race, relax and see the beauty that God created for us to enjoy. There will be lots more vacations and trips as your family continues to grow. Making memories is always good. God bless you and Nic. Your a very sweet couple.

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