My Teeth

For a good part of this week, I have not felt very well, and no, it has not been due to being with child.  It has actually been due to something even smaller than my baby at only 12 weeks of development; it was due to an inocent little popcorn hull.  Seriously.  It was stuck in between a couple of my top molars.  In fact, it had been there quite awhile.  I hadn’t been able to remove it when it first got stuck, so I left it work its own way out.  Monday afternoon it finally did, and its exit has left the top right side of my mouth in pain since then.  (Apparently my teeth and the popcorn hull had become good buddies.)

Anyhow, starting Monday afternoon, all through Tuesday and Wednesday, my mouth has hurt.  It was to the point that by yesterday (Wed.) afternoon, most of the right side of my face was hurting.  It had spread, causing a headache and even my bottom teeth were beginning to ache.  I had almost gone to the dentist yesterday, but at the last moment, I decided not to for fear that they would just start yanking teeth out of my head and cost my husband and I our vacation money.  Not to mention, I thought I was probably just being whimpy, and we CAN’T have that.

So, as I lay on the couch, basically feeling like a sick person, yesterday afternoon, two thoughts occured to me:  1) I should just take some Tylenol, which I am allowed by my OB-GYN, and (more importantly) 2) I should say a little prayer about it.  I have this weird thing:  I don’t like to pray for myself, especially my little aches, pains, colds, and such.  Well, my prayer was said in my head and went vaguely like “Please, Lord, help my teeth.”  It was more of a thought and less of a prayer, to be honest.  However, the Tylenol kicked in after a few minutes, I quickly began to feel better (perkier, more alert, and certainly in less pain), I slept well throughout the night, and this morning, my mouth feels significantly better.  Either that’s the longest lasting dose of regular Tylenol I’ve ever had in my life, or God did what He loves to do for His children.  I’m inclined to believe the latter.

I have said a real prayer this morning thanking my Heavenly Father for taking care of me, removing my pain, and basically healing whatever was wrong, despite my not leaning on Him in the first place and barely doing so in the second place.  He loves me and takes care of me, even though I quite obviously don’t deserve it.

God is so very good!  Praise Him!


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