Mistakes, Mistakes, Mistakes…

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything on here.  I’ve been a bit busy and haven’t been doing a lot of cooking recently, that last bit being thanks to being pregnant, I’m sure.  Not much sounds appetizing many days.  Many apologies for my virtual silence.

Well, last night my husband wanted frozen chicken strips, boxed macaroni and cheese, and potato tots.  I didn’t, but I had a box of beef flavored rice and some left-over browned hamburger meat that I decided to cook for myself.  I got the stove all fired up.  I had rice in one pot, noodles in another, and the fryer going on a third burner.  I also had decided to cook some boxed scallopped potatos for me.  I didn’t feel like messing with homemade; I figured, since I’m the only one who would be eating them, what would it matter.  I had that going in the oven.

As you can imagine everything started to come together at about the same time.  I was pulling potatoes out of the fryer and dropping strips in, draining noodles and adding water and seasoning to the toasted rice just wham-bam one right behind the other.  In the process of doing that, I picked up the wrong seasoning packet for the rice. Instead of the beef seasoning, I grabbed the cheese for the macaroni and dumped it in.  I thought the color looked a little strange, but just figured it had a bit of a creamer in it.  I got that all mixed up, pulled the chicken out of the fryer, turned that burner off, and began on the macaroni.  I got my noodles, butter, and milk in the pan.  Then I opened the only packet left on the counter.  The mix was brown and had flakey green things in it.  It only took about a second for me to realize what had happened.  I had ruined my rice.  Thankfully I keep several boxes of macaroni on hand (It’s the only macaroni my husband will eat.), so I was able to get the cheese out of one of the others.  His meal was fine.  Mine on the other hand had become an experiment in a diaster.

I went ahead and added some of the ground beef and salt and pepper to the rice with macaroni powdered cheese.  It tasted terrible.  I opened my spice cabinet and went to work.  Onion powder, garlic powder, and Cavendar’s.  More pepper.  I managed to make it edible – for at least that meal.  I was going to add some salsa, but when I opened that container, I saw that it had become an experiment all by itself at some point.  No salsa.

By about this point, my potatos had finished.  They were fine, thankfully.  I fixed my plate, grabbed something to drink, and ate my rather disturbing supper.

I tell this story because I often get caught up in my own cooking talents.  I get to thinking I’ve got this cool skill that not many others have.  I really can get a bit of a big head.  Then comes a day when I mess up, and it’s always with something I’ve done time and time again that couldn’t be easier to accomplish.  I mess up the chocolate chip cookie recipe that I’ve been cooking for years and years.  I mess up a box mix of rice.  I mess up GRAVY!  (Yes, I really do have trouble with gravy, of all things.)  These blunders serve to keep me humble.  They show me that I’m not a good as I’d like to think, and I have to be sure that I don’t present myself as someone who never messes up in the kitchen or in any other way.  I mess up a lot.  I’m not perfect.  And as you can tell from this post, I don’t even always cook from scratch.  I use short-cuts.  I often take the easy way out.  In other words, I’m just as imperfect as everyone else.  And that is something that I think is one of the most important things to be honest about.

P.S.  I threw out the rice after supper.


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