Zoila a.k.a. Zoie

My niece Zoila

This little beauty is my brand new baby niece Zoila Carina!  She was born Friday afternoon to my sister Dawn and her husband Raymond.  She’s a healthy, happy baby, and we all adore her already.  Well, her big sister Shaylynn isn’t so sure about her yet, but given a bit of time, it will all be okay.  😉

Babies are one of the most precious gifts God can give us.  They are specially created by God himself with a bit from daddy and a bit from mommy.  A unique, tiny individual who is born completely helpless and needing everthing done for him/her.  However, they grow quickly and as they grow, they need us to teach them all they’ll need to know to grow into good, godly adults and law-abiding citizens.  Being pregnant for the first time myself has me doing a lot of praying and thinking about these very things.  I know that I can’t expect to be 100% prepared for parenthood, but that’s not to say that I can’t be a little prepared.  And I’m not just talking about being stocked-up on diapers, wipes, bottles, and clothes for the newborn.

I don’t suppose I have any parenting advice, having never been a parent myself.  All I know is a lot of prayer, patience, practice, and powerful amounts of TLC.  And not being afraid to ask other parents questions when you have them.  I know that I’ve got a lot to learn, and though I have moments I get rather scared, I say a prayer and start to look forward to it all again.  And until my turn rolls around in November, I will enjoy every moment I get with my two little nieces.

Zoila's big sister Shaylynn



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2 responses to “Zoila a.k.a. Zoie

  1. Dawn English

    You will be a great mommy

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