Ode To Odors

I’ve always heard about a woman’s nose going haywire during pregnancy, and I always believed it.  But now that I’m experiencing it, it’s a whole new ball game.  Living in an older house in a lower-lying area, rains tend to bring smells that I’ve never really liked.  Now those smells have taken on a whole new intensity, and the past two days have been not so fun, to say the least.  In response to my nose’s response to all things foul-odored, I wrote this little poem.  It’s not my best, but I just had to get my frustration off my chest, or nose, as the case may be.


“Ode To Odors”

Odors, aromas,

Scents, and smells

Oh the things

The nose knows.

Who knew the nose

Could know so much more

When your belly

Has held a baby

For a mere nine weeks?

Oh the odors

I’ve become

Accustomed to.

The hand towel,

Kitchen rag,

And dampness from the rain.

The smell on my hand

From the scrunchy

In my hair.

The trash in the can

While the lid is on.

The boiled egg scent

Lingering on the lip

Of my water bottle.

Oh the odors

I’ve become

Accustomed to.

I’ve employed the powers

Of baking soda,

Vinegar, and fresh spring air.

I’ve questioned my Honey

On what his nose knows.

I find I’m alone

In my nasal warfare.

It must be

That I’m smelling for two.

Oh for the odors to end


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