Getting That Green Thumb Dirty

Yes, that is an ice cream bucket.  No, that is not ice cream inside of it.  They are three baby plants commonly known as Mother-in-law Tongue.  I have two bigger versions of this exact plant in flower pots in my kitchen window.  Originally I only had one plant.  The fun thing about this particular kind of plant is that it reproduces itself every so often.  My orignal plant has produced four babies of it’s own, and one of it’s babies has now produced two of it’s own.  I gave away two babies, so I am still left with five plants, total.  Once these little ones get a little bigger, I plan on giving them away, too.

One of my projects today has been to replant these plants.  This morning all five plants were in the same pot, and now, the two big ones are in pots of their own, and these little ones have found a new home in an old ice cream bucket.  I enjoy plants.  I have yet another kind of house plant – a vine – called Pathos (I think).  It’s really pretty.  I also have a rose bush that has at least two tiny buds on it right now.  I also have one other little ivy vine planted with my rose bush, but I’m not sure it’s going to survive.  It may surprise me, though.  It’s hung in there since last summer, so it just might make it.

I would like to have more plants:  flowers, a vegetable garden, rose bushes, and so on.  However, since we don’t own this house we live in, I don’t want to dig up the yard and possibly lose our deposit.  If we can buy a place by next spring, I might set out a few things then.  We will see.  Until then, I’m okay with what I have.  Not to mention this rent house has some huge bushes around the front that requires my attention right now.  (Those plants I do NOT like.)  They are in need of trimming, and it’s a tough job that I’m doing over the course of several days.

However, I really do enjoy my little plants.  I like to see them grow, sprout, bloom, and just live happily.  My green thumb may not be the greenest, but I still find it enjoyable to get outside and play in the dirt a little bit.  I feel like God put something extra special in the dirt and the fresh spring air that does the body and the soul good.  Just being able to have a small house plant to water every few days and watch it thrive brings joy to basically everyone.  A little flower can touch even the most broken heart.  It’s just a little reminder of the what there is to hope for in life.  I would say to just take a moment today to smell the roses and thank God for the little beauties and joys in life.


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