The Back Yard “Fence”

This was, essentially, the fence in our back yard, except that until this afternoon, it was all standing.  Leaning severely, but standing.  Then the wind blew, and this happened.  My husband and I have been waiting for this fence to come down for quite some time, and now part of it finally has.  You see, we would have taken care of it, but we rent our little home, and our landlord said he would take it down soon after we moved in.  That was in September.  Yeah, we gave up hope on that months ago, but we also didn’t have much inclination to do anything with it (for several reasons), except wait for it to fall.  Therefore, we try to advise people not to park near it, and we don’t either.  So other than the fence, no harm was done today.

Well, once it fell, we had to do something.  Being the not-so-industrial-inclined people that we are, pretty much the only tools we had for the job were two cheap, wimpy hammers and our own ingenuity.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my husband dearly – truly I do – and he does have an engineering degree, but sometimes he just doesn’t think these type of jobs through.  I don’t have any kind of engineering anything, but my dad is a great carpenter.  He basically built a two-story house around a single-wide trailer while I was growing up.  (In fact, it’s still an on-going project.)  But I’ve helped him out with several little things and kinda have a sense of how structures are built.  (That’s not to say that you want me to draw up the blue prints for your next project – don’t get me wrong.)  Anyhow, there we were, two stubborn, aggravated people, with a wimpy  hammer each, trying to tear apart part of a “fence” that has had several patch-work attempts at securing it a little better over the years.  Sometimes with screws, sometimes with nails, sometimes with two-by-fours, sometimes with nothing better than your basic stick.  It was not pretty, to say the least.

However, after about a half an hour of fussing, beating, yanking, pulling, dragging, and just flat savage-like yells of aggravation, we managed to accomplish two things:  a pile of old “fence” wood and an empty space where part of a “fence” once stood.

And we still made it to church on time!  😀



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