The Pop Tarts That Didn’t Happen

These are the only pop tarts my husband will eat.  A few weeks ago I got the bright idea that I could make them, and I decided that today I would do just that.  I’ve looked up recipes, but I’ve found none for the chocolate fudge flavor.  I don’t think my husband would go for a plain pastery.  It’s got to be chocolate.  After looking at the other recipes, it sounded like the pastery was a pie crust with filling and icing.  I figured I could make a chocolate pie crust, so I searched out a recipe for that.  That would be step one.

For the chocolate filling, one recipe said to use just melted chocolate chips.  Well, that would be all well and good until the chocolate hardened again, so I needed something else.  I have a chocolate babka bread recipe, and the chocolate filling in that doesn’t harden.  It stays soft, so I figured that would be perfect.  That would be step two.

Last the icing.  For the other flavored pop tart recipes, people just use milk, vanilla, and powdered sugar.  Well, this has to be, of course, chocolate, and I wanted it to harden.  I found some special icing at the store that would do just that, but it was $3.50 for one little tube, which wasn’t too terribly bad since I would only need one, but then I saw the chocolate almond bark on the shelf nearby, which reminded me that I had two packages of it at home that I bought on clearance after the holidays.  A box of sprinkles, and the third and final step was ready to go.

Well, I got home and got started.  I noticed that the pie crust recipe was rather crumbly, but I thought it might work after it had chilled a bit.  While it was doing that, I went ahead and made the filling.  Then I got the crust back out and started to roll it out.  It was too crumbly.  This recipe was designed to be pressed into the pie plate like a graham cracker crust.  Not cool.

I thought that maybe if I pressed it out on a cookie sheet, then cut it into pieces, and do it that way it would work.  Nope, when I went to lift the pieces off the pan to finish making the tarts, they crumbled.  It was sad and quite aggravating.

Now I have a chocolate pie crust and chocolate filling that I get to find something to with.  I haven’t given up on making chocolate fudge pop tarts, but it’s going to take more time.  Just goes to show that not every kitchen experiment works out.

Here’s to your experiments being successful!

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One response to “The Pop Tarts That Didn’t Happen

  1. Deanie Yarbrough

    Well, gosh! Just sprinkle the crumbly crust on ice cream and add chocolate sauce. Do you have a waffle iron? If so, try the recipe I gave you the other day for the chocolate cookie. If no waffle iron, just bake it. Try using a can of chocolate frosting. Microwave it and drizzle it over the cookie/tart.

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