KayLee’s Surgery

My "baby" sister KayLee.

Today has been a busy day for me and many in my family, which explains my lack of posts.  My teenage sister KayLee was in the hospital all day for surgery to remove her gallbladder, poor girl.  She made it through the surgery fine and did well afterwards; it just took awhile for her meet the requirements set by the doctor for her to be released to go home.  She is at home now, though, and doing well.

God is so good!  I praise Him for his watching over KayLee, the surgeon, and the nurses at the hospital today.  I realize that removing a gallbladder is rather routine, but anytime scalpels and anesthesia is involved, mortal danger lurks in every corner.  Any number of things could have happened in that operating room, but by the grace of God, all that occured was supposed to occur.  God is in control of every situation, whether we want to admit it and/or realize it or not.  The Bible says He knows of every sparrow that falls, so He knows, without a doubt, when one of His creations is in pain and having to have surgery just to relieve that pain.

Not only does God know when we have to visit the doctor, He knows the pains that doctors can do nothing of:  broken hearts and spirits, hurt feelings, stress weighing us down, worries on our minds, and all the other mental and emotional aches and pains that human life brings our way.  Not only does God know of these hurts, but He is the Great Doctor who can help us get through them.  Despite all the blessings that comes with life, the hurts are there, too, and as long as we live this life, they will not go away.  God, however, can get us through the pain, much like how the medications of hospitals can get us through the physical pains of surgery.  But more than that, He will give us peace and joy.  Peace does not mean no problems or troubles, and joy does not mean constant happiness.  They are the deep, constant truth that our souls, our eternal lives are safe and secure in Him.  I struggle with many things:  dark, depressing thoughts, strangling shyness and timidity, uncertainty, lack of confidence, and so on, but when those thoughts come, I am reminded that Heaven is real and that I am guaranteed my citizenship there.  I am on that “guest list,” so to speak.  And I am eternally grateful for that.

I was not sure what I was going to post when I started writing this.  Seems as if God had a plan, even in this little blog post.  To finish it off, God can grant you this life of peace and joy as well.  I pray you will listen for His calling on your heart.



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2 responses to “KayLee’s Surgery

  1. Glad for the good report. Thanks for sharing. Blessings!

  2. Glad KayLee is doing well. 🙂

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