New Life

I often get inspiration for poetry from nature.  The beauty of God’s creation is amazing and glorious!  One of my favorite times of year is early spring, that time before it gets too hot and humid but everything is just starting to bloom and grow.  The way that God designed the world to renew itself each year after months of being dormant is incredible.  This poem was written on February 22, 2005, just when spring was beginning to peak around the corner.  Well, it’s 2012 now, and spring is trying to get underway.  I just thought this would be a good poem to share today.


“New Life”

I have sat and listened

To the birds chirp-

Even throughout the night.

Whistling their tunes

On the gaiety of new life.

The sweet, soft innocence

Announcing an end

To the howl and bite

Of the face-chapping winds.

I have sat and admired

The beauty of Earth’s green carpet.

No longer brown and dead

From the nightly visits of Jack Frost.

New life buds on the branches

Of bear trees-

Pronouncing the need for shade

From the inevitable brightness and warmth

Of a spring sun.

I have sat and observed

The beauty of our beloved home

As it brings forth new life

From year to year.

God’s wonders never cease

To wow my imagination

And impress my senses.

Hope floods my soul for this old world

Each time it begins “to make all things new.”*

*From Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “All Things New.”


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