To Ride Out A Storm

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I wrote this poem in 2004 as a freshman in college.


“To Ride Out a Storm”

I stand on the deck of this sailing ship,

That is swaying violently on the storming sea.

Salt encrusted sails valiantly cling to

Wooden, weathered masts, while being whipped

By raging wind and pelted by piercing rain.

I watch as my Captain guides this vessel

Through the ruthless tempest.

I stand in awe while He steers this ship

Through water and lightning,

Just as a knife cuts through soft butter.

Though many fear this ravaging ocean,

I do not, for my Captain is at the helm.

Just as the thunderheads begin to break,

I climb the ropes and scan the horizon.

The sun peaks through, and I praise

My capable Captain who is at the wheel.

I look abroad, yet I see no land.

This trip to the bright, New World

Is not quite over, but I am not scared

Because my Captain never fails

To ride out a storm.

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  1. That is my favorite. LOVE it. Love the picture too.

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