Meet Moe

This is a little story I wrote about the sock monkey that came with my in-laws’ new car.  I had just gotten a new phone with a camera and was having some fun.  Then I got the bright idea to write stories to go with the pictures, but since every picture is worth a thousand words, the stories had to have at least 1,000 words.  This one has exactly 1,100.  I hope you enjoy it!


This is Moe.  Moe is a sock monkey, but he doesn’t know it.  Moe thinks he is a person and wants to experience all the adventures he can.  He was taken to a house one day with a family who had just bought a new car.  He was given his own room with a very big bed and a very bright clock.  He liked his room, but he began to wonder what he was supposed to do, since he was living with this family.  So Moe began to watch them.  He learned what people do normally.  He decided since they all were doing those things and no one was doing anything else, he should do those things too.  This meant he was a person.

Moe is a happy sock monkey.  He always smiles no matter the difficulty of the adventure.  His first adventure was a simple one, though.  He woke up on his very big bed the first morning after he had been brought to the house, and he decided to go see the rest of the house.  Therefore, he had to figure out how to get off his very big bed.  He crawled to the side and looked down.  It looked like a very long way down.  There were two big posts on the end of the bed, though.  Moe crawled to the end of the bed and looked at one of the big posts.  He could swing around it!  Moe looped his arms around the post and jumped.  It was like sliding down a spiral slide!

THUD!  Ow, thought Moe.  He had hit the floor flat on his bottom.  Moe stood up and rubbed his bottom.  He looked back up at the very big bed.  It was very tall, and maybe there was better way to get down, even if that had been a fun swing.  But he was down now and was ready to get out the door.

Moe looked at the door.  There was a gap at the bottom.  He reached down, grabbed it and pulled as hard as he could.  Nothing happened.  He pulled again.  Nothing happened.  He pulled one more time.  Nothing happened.

Moe looked at the door again.  Maybe he could crawl under it.  He lay down on the floor and pushed his arms through the gap.  He got his arms through, but he couldn’t get his head or belly through at all, no matter how much he sucked his belly in and tilted his head.

Moe pulled his arms out from under the door and stood back up.  He looked at the door again. There had to be some way out.  Then he looked up.  There was some kind of round handle thing way up the door.  It was higher than the bed!  If that was how he could get the door open (and Moe figured it was), how was he ever going to reach it?

Moe finally decided to jump as high as he could and maybe he would reach it.  He squatted all the way down and wiggled his bottom to get his all his jumping juices in his legs.  Then Moe jumped as hard as he could.  But he didn’t even come close to touching the round handle.  Moe jumped three more times, but he never got any closer.  Moe slumped his shoulders and looked around the room.

That’s when Moe saw it:  a chair!  He ran to the other end of the bed and grabbed a hold of one of the legs and pulled with all his might. Like the door, the chair didn’t even budge.  Moe was getting frustrated, and he pulled and yanked and tugged over and over and over again.  But the chair never moved.

Moe sat down and huffed.  How would he ever get the door open?  He looked at the bed.  If he could push it over to the door, then he would be high enough to get the door open.   But if he couldn’t get the chair to move, there was no way he could get the bed to move.

Then Moe remembered how he had swung around the post at the end of the bed.  What if he jumped from the post to the handle?  That sounded like a perfect idea to Moe.  Now he just had to get back on the bed.  Moe looked up at the chair.  It was a little tall, but he thought he would be able to climb on it, and then he could definitely jump over onto the bed.  So, he reached as high as he could and grabbed onto the edge of the seat and jumped.  He managed to get on the chair!  He ran and jumped again, and he was on the bed!  Finally something was working!

Moe walked down to the end of the bed and started trying to stand on the bed post.  It was really slick, and his cotton feet would not stop sliding on the top of the round post.  At last, though, he managed to stand upright on the post.  Very carefully he squatted just a little and jumped across to the door handle and grabbed onto it.  He dangled there for a moment trying to decide what to do next, but while he was deciding he realized that what he thought was a handle was actually a knob.  Maybe he would have to twist it to make the door open.  How was he going to do that?  Then, he got an idea.

Moe started swinging back and forth like a pendulum, slowly at first, then faster.  He went back and forth until he swung all the way around and twisted the knob.  Sure enough, the door opened!  Moe had done it!  He was so excited that he swung around the knob one more time before hopping back to the floor.

Moe walked out the door of the bedroom and into the hallway.  There was a room in front of him, two beside him, and at least one on the other side of him.  He wanted desperately to see it all.  It all looked so fun and new!

Moe yawned, and it was very big yawn.  Moe decided to sit down for a moment to rest.  As soon as he sat down, he closed his eyes for just a moment and fell fast asleep.  All the adventure of just trying to just get out of the bed room had tuckered him clean out.  Poor Moe doesn’t know that he’s only a sock monkey.


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