A Love Unfettered

*Picture curtesy of another site, but I forgot to copy the address, so, once again, I’m sorry from whomever I borrowed this.

I have been writing poems for years, and this is one from 2005.  The inspiration for it came from one Sunday morning in church.  I grew up in a one of the larger churches in my hometown, and we had a large sanctuary with high ceilings.  When we sang a hymn that was a favorite of most everyone, the sound was beautiful.  We weren’t just a congregation in the pews and a choir behind the stage, we were one choir, and sometimes, I thought I could almost hear the angels joining in, too.

P.S.  Sorry about the line spacing in the poem.  I haven’t figured out all the tools yet, so it’s currently stuck on the double-spacing between paragraphs thing.


A Love Unfettered

October 10, 2005

I close my eyes-

Singing “Open my eyes, Lord-”

And I see more clearly

Than ever before.

I open my ears

And hear not the instruments.

There is only the sound

Of voices in praise.

Two-hundred strong,

The choir exalts the Lord.

Their voices rising-

Rising beyond the rafters,

Beyond the universal plane.

A joy-

A calm-

A Spirit

Comes over me,

And I know

It’s not for naught

That I sing.

His Presence is manifest.

The voices are one:

One body,

One love,

One family.

The voices are for one:

One Object,

One Focus,

One Father.

There is but that moment-

That place-

That sound-

Undying and imprinting

Its memory upon my heart.

The desire to see-

The desire to hear-

The desire to feel-

All that makes our God,

Our God.

This time-

This place-

This pinnacle of voices


A love unfettered.

“I will praise the name of God with a song,

And will magnify Him with thanksgiving.”

–Psalm 69:30 (KJV)


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2 responses to “A Love Unfettered

  1. Swietny blog, trzymaj tak dalej

    • Thank you! I had to translate this with Google translate, and it says, “A fantastic blog, keep so forth.” I think that last part probably means something more like “keep it up.”

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