Taco Empanadas and Flour Tortillas

These are a new favorite for my husband.  He loves tacos!  In fact, he could eat them every week, which gets kind of old to me.  Therefore, I have been trying to come up with new ways to make his favorite dish, that will satisfy both his taste buds and mine.  Though a bit time consuming to make, these are really quite simple. A little dough, a little cheese, a little taco meat, and fry it.  If you’re looking to make it a bit healthier, try it with chicken or ground turkey, use low-fat cheese, and bake the empanadas in a 350-degree oven for 10-15 minutes.  If you bake them, you will probably have to turn them over half-way through cooking, to get them brown on both sides.


-by me


*About half of the amount of taco meat you would cook for normal tacos

* Shredded cheese of any flavor

*3-4 inch uncooked flour tortillas (see recipe)

*one beaten egg mixed with a bit of water

*deep frying fat


  1. Sprinkle about a teaspoon of cheese in the middle of the tortilla.
  2. Add about 2 teaspoons to one tablespoon of taco meat on top of the cheese.
  3. Brush the egg around ½ of the edge of the tortilla.
  4. Fold the tortilla over and pinch the edges together, like with a fried pie.
  5. Deep fry for 2-3 minutes, making sure both sides get cooked.
  6. Remove from oil, and drain.
  7. Enjoy with all your favorite Mexican sides!

Flour Tortillas

by:  someone else (I’m not sure who.  I copied this recipe from the internet by hand over a year ago, so if it’s you, I’m sorry.)


*2 cups all-purpose flour

*¼ cup shortening

*½ tsp. salt

*½ tsp. baking powder

*¾ cup warm water


  1. Mix the flour, salt, and baking powder.
  2. Cut in shortening.  Mix until it is a fine meal.
  3. Add water a little at a time.
  4. Knead until smooth and elastic.
  5. Divide.  Cover and let stand 30 minutes.
  6. Roll each ball as thin as you can (or want, if you like thick tortillas).
  7. (Unless making empanadas) Cook each side 1-2 minutes on a hot griddle or skillet.  Do not use any kind of oil.  Also, if they cook too long, they will become more brittle.  This will make 12-18 medium-small size tortillas.
  8. *If making empanadas, divide the dough into quarters or halves before letting it stand.  Afterwards, roll out the dough, a piece at a time, and cut into circles with a cutter 3-4 inches in diameter.  This will make 20+ empanadas.


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